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    Cirrus® Console

    Our CirrusĀ® Console with stacking for multi-station groups eliminates hardware costs and automatically shakes hands with any broadcast automation system or playlist program.

    Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster

    Download our free Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster app in Google Play to broadcast live from any remote location. No hardware or equipment... just your Android device running OS 4.1+.


  • Any playlist program
  • Any studio automation format
  • Cloud-based streaming and hosting
  • Host your encoder/playlist
  • Royalty accounting and reporting
  • Song rating reporting
  • Song requests
  • Stats and market metrics reports
  • Stream backup
  • Stream down notifications via email or text
  • Stream Advertising

  • Desktop & Mobile
  • A/V mid-roll inserts
  • Ad Delivery Network
  • Ad replacement-insertion (free)
  • Banner ad slots (multiple)
  • Geo-fencing
  • Geo-restriction
  • Geo-targeting
  • Player skin takeover
  • Pre-roll - audio/video/banner
  • Player

  • HE-AACv2 (formerly AAC+) by Fraunhofer
  • Artist, track, album in player
  • Auto Recording
  • Black-outs and white-listing
  • Buy Song
  • Customize player skin easily
  • Display album art
  • Display your own custom album art
  • Easy and simple player editing
  • Embed players anywhere
  • Embed playlists anywhere
  • Embed schedule in player
  • Facebook integration
  • Free custom iOS and Android streaming apps
  • In-car song info via Bluetooth
  • Interactive player apps
  • Live social feeds embedded onto desktop player and apps
  • Multi-station players
  • Password protection
  • Player Access Control
  • Player chat
  • Player doubles as a website
  • Send to mobile
  • Share player
  • Song rating
  • Stream backup on mobile apps
  • Stream on-demand audio/video
  • Stream on-demand to mobile
  • Stream to all desktops
  • Stream to all major browsers
  • Stream to all mobile phones and tablets
  • StreamBlock stream protection
  • Media

  • Artist, track, album on your site (real-time)
  • Data collection - mailing lists
  • Facebook integration
  • Mixxx Playlist Manager (free)
  • Playlist with interactive history
  • Podcasting
  • Royalty reporting
  • Song lyrics
  • Song sharing
  • Twitter song list output

  • See more features here

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Studio Automation and Playlist Programs

Securenet Systems Cirrus® Console integrates with every studio automation system and playlist program on the market. The following programs integrate seamlessly with our Cirrus® Player and player platform.

 Arrakis  NextKast
 AudioVault  OAS Playout
 Axel  OMT
 BCX  OTS Labs
 BSI Simian  PCM Gold
 Cinegy  Pristine*
 DJServ  Radio-Asist 8
 Enco  Radiocube
 Jazler  RadioDJ
 Jockey Pro LT  Radiologik
 Kero Systems  Raduga
 Maestro  RCS
 mAirList  Rivendell
 MB Studio  SAM
 Megamix Professional  Skylla
 Mixopia  Soundsoft
 MixTime  Sourcefabric
 Mixxx  SS32
 MJM  StationPlaylist
 Music 1  Storq
 Myriad  Synergy
 Nautilus  TuneTracker
 NETIA  WideOrbit
 NexGen  WireReady

*If you are using an automation system not listed above, please let us know and we can accommodate. Pristine requires an additional studio plug-in from the manufacturer.

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